“There’s no question that the disinformation coming from the president and his surrogates about ballot fraud is fueling far-right groups in ways that present threats to public safety.”

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 1 month ago

@ryanjreilly @elisefoley ...it began 4 years ago...

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“I know it’s very frustrating for law enforcement, but the president doesn’t appear to be willing yet to face the facts, encourage his followers to remain calm and accept the fact that he has lost, and move on.” — former Republican-appointed U.S. Attorney:

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“The latest round of conspiracy theories is just a continuation of the hell that the last four years has been if you work in a counter-domestic extremism capacity. This is nothing new, it’s just a little more dangerous now.”

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@CorOfTheSUN Happy Saturday #Caturday to you too, Dear Johnny. 😘 Have a great weekend.💞🕊🙏😘

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Mr. CreamSauce: Desperately needs an early nap today
#CatsOfTwitter #Caturday

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#SaturdayVibes #Caturday Bow Wow #GoPackGo STREAM WALLS #WONWOO Stormzy Mayorkun #DatingWithTumiSole #Amakhosi4Life #FULCHE Ozil Museveni

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#Caturday news: Fury finally sat in the pirate ship my husband made for him

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For #Caturday Nakia has brought me a worm as a present, so lovely of her. 😻😺

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Lots of love to all our 🐈🐕 furrends👧👨. Wish you a luvely cosy warm day if you have ❄cold & snow ☃️ and ice cream 🍧& cold water if you have summer time.🌻
💖 Lilly

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