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Take a look at the music behind Disney and @PixarSoul written by award-winning composers and musicians! Start streaming on #DisneyPlus December 25. #PixarSoul

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@Pixar @PixarSoul I thought this was coming out next year, I'm so excited

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The #ParisClimateAgreement is a waste of money.

It will cost the average American family of 4 up to $20k and the national GDP $2.5 trillion by 2035.

Costs too much for the very little yield.

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On Day 1 of his term, President Biden made good on his promise to make #climateaction a priority. The US will rejoin the #parisclimateagreement. #chooserenewables

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I'm so happy Joe Biden is going to save the earth by stealing our money and killing jobs for America . Said Nobody with any common sense .
God controls the Climate not Joe and the HO.
#ParisClimateAgreement is just another way to steal your money .

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The US is now a signatory of the #ParisClimateAgreement again! Thank you @JoeBiden! It’s important to make up for the time lost...

Unilateral #Sanctions on #Iran in violation of the #IranDeal #JCPOA, an agreement which the US was a signatory, remain intact. #Inauguration2021

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An impressive first day on the job! #NoMoreWall #ParisClimateAgreement #EqualityPolicies

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@politico Thank you mr President @JoeBiden Planet Earth thanks you! #ParisClimateAgreement #InaugurationDay

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Key Actions Taken by #Biden on the 1st Day

100 Day #Mask Challenge
Stop US Withdrawal from @WHO
Extend eviction moratorium
Extend pause on student loan payment
Fortify DACA
Reverse travel ban from Muslim countries
Halt border wall construction
Rejoin #ParisClimateAgreement

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