All Red Dead Online players who pick up the Outlaw Pass before December 7th will receive an additional 10 Gold Bars and RDO$400, awarded within 72 hours.

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@TDR0721 Profile picture TDR0721


 1 month ago

@2016StayAlive @RockstarGames Not that hard to get tho, just a bit of grinding a couple of hours for a week or so

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@Ibbythebeast510 Profile picture ibbinator


 1 month ago

@TheStarkz @RockstarGames Your joking right?

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@lmaoextinct Profile picture lmaoextinct


 1 month ago

@RockstarGames Man fix XP

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@RockstarGames Well don't care now until next year yup so give us GTA VI please

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@HugzTV Profile picture Levi


 1 month ago

@RockstarGames oh wow 10 gold bars and some pennies

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@2016StayAlive Profile picture gonca


 1 month ago

@RockstarGames Yall must have noticed barely anyone was buying the pass to do this

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@TheStarkz Profile picture TheStarkz


 1 month ago

@RockstarGames Love you Rockstar! <3

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@Skinnymini122 Profile picture Gianni P.


 1 month ago

@RockstarGames DEAD Game💀

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Red Dead Online: The Outlaw Pass No. 4

Featuring an assortment of new rewards, including luxurious warm clothing for cold weather, new satchel and skill pamphlets, advanced photography enhancements, bonus cash and 30 Gold Bars, special gifts and more.

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@KelliAn53385790 @sargentoart Oh my. So, so dirty. 😂😂😂😂

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