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 2 months ago

Time is running out to ensure that proactive and voluntary online child sexual abuse detection methods are preserved in the #EU. NGOs, law enforcement, tech companies, & government partners are working together to #ProtectChildrenOnline Share in the solution! #EndChildSexAbuseDay

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@pychickaz @aplusk Delusional ^^^^^

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@TigerlillyKatie @aplusk It has always been a problem. I knew a teen who was arrested for raping his dog. It is horrid but not uncommon. People have always been monsters.

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 2 months ago

@aplusk I would like to learn more about #protectthechildrenonline. My 12 year old grand daughter was sexually targeted by someone she thought was. a14 year old boy who she thought was her first boy. Being home isolated from her friends during the pandemic has turned into a nightmare

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 2 months ago

@aplusk Gross disgusting people are now sexually abusing animals. When will this stop?!! When did people become monsters!

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@aplusk Haven't you just voted one in?

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 2 months ago

@aplusk Remove 'Day'....

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@aplusk ASHTON

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 2 months ago

@aplusk Be safe

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@aplusk $Keshaune33 so i can pay my student loans to get my dream home🥰

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That ‘20s Show Episode 2

( That ‘70s Show Reboot)

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Y’all doing tf out of these #silhouettechallenge

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the #silhouettechallenge is amazing I love women

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#silhouettechallenge offing light will not increase your height.

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This #silhouettechallenge eng tshwere kadi washini 🔥🔥🔥😭🥺😭😭

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waking up in the morning expecting the see #AMBLESSED TRENDING then #silhouettechallenge. #snapchatdown May be am going back to sleep cannot start my day this fornication.

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Put your head on my shoooooooo😋

#silhouettechallenge please burn my data😍😍

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E don happen
Dad ask ma bro to sing a song during the morning devotion .
Ma bro.put ur head on ma shoooooo.(Jesus) #silhouettechallenge #bellashmurda

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