Tá na hora de parar de chamar ser humano PAU NO CU de ‘autêntico’.

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@murilojssilva Profile picture Murilo


 2 months ago

@larivinicius @rafinhabastos E segue ele rs

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@rafinhabastos Ser filho da puta em público virou sinônimo de honestidade, de alguma forma

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@bombardelli_a Profile picture A_Bombardelli


 2 months ago

@rafinhabastos Achei autêntico de sua parte...

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@rafinhabastos Putz. Te acho autêntico.

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@michelliska Profile picture Michel Liska


 2 months ago

@rafinhabastos Tipo tu 🤔

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@rafinhabastos eu sempre achei voce muito ser humano PAU NO CU

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@gustavosbez Profile picture Gustavo Bez


 2 months ago

@rafinhabastos Autêntico pau no cu

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@harada_vinicius Profile picture harada


 2 months ago
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@vitorrxnnixr Profile picture Vitor Rennier


 2 months ago

@rafinhabastos Falta de educação não é sinceridade.

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My name is jomi
I'm 15
Long island NY
Please I've a go fund me page in my bio please can you help me with donation
It's for me and mom I lost my dad a few months back to covid please I just need a couple bucks to get us on our feet


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#DontTrustPeopleWho treat people helping them poorly. If they are rude and nasty to their waitstaff, cashiers, etc... tell ,em to fuck off.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho who demonize #BlackPeople and whine about #LawandOrder during #BLM rallies... After which "they" riot and storm the Capitol while the Senate is in session.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho who work for any national newspaper or the MSM

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