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 3 months ago

Tickets for my live stream performance at @RoyalAlbertHall are on sale now !

There are 4 different streams so you can watch the one most convenient to you. Please help me support the amazing people whose work in touring has been severely affected .

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall got my tickets and made the donation! see you soon niall, excited to hear the album!

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@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall NIALL WE LOVE YOU WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall you dropped this 👑

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall ive got my ticket!!

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall i got a ticket!!

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@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall i already got my ticket. so exited and can’t wait!

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall i have no money :<

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 3 months ago

@NiallOfficial @RoyalAlbertHall HI NIALL, I LOVE YOU

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#QCongress that a 100+ @HouseGOP members AFTER the assault on the US Capitol still voted to not certify a lawful and fair election indicates the level of either stupidity or cowardice (or both) reveals how tenuous our democracy is. Dump these idiots.

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#QCongress “some people did something”!

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Get rid of the #QCongress

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Contact Here
Skype:- asadaz2018
Email:- smallworldaz@gmail.com
if you order my gig

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