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 10 months ago
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 10 months ago

@Raisedbyreality @tomhanks @RitaWilson Husband is in good hands. He’ll make it through. Friend of mine is a pulmonologist and has an 89 patient with Covid Pneumonia ... they’re treating the pneumonia like any other and he’s pulling through. Getting better.

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 10 months ago

@tomhanks @RitaWilson Protect him at all costs

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Good to hear. My husband is in the hospital right now with COVID pneumonia. It’s rough.

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Sage advice. Thanks, Hanks’! Hope you’re well! ♥️

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 10 months ago

@tomhanks @RitaWilson Glad you’re ok GOAT

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@tomhanks @RitaWilson Q knows what you did

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#TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid rubber sheets are in the linen closet in case Hunter sleeps over

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"Dear Sleepy Joe,
Work fom 11:00 to 16:00, you'll be less stressed and have time to go golfing at my golf course. I left you a few KFC coupons.

With resentment,

P.S. I forgot my porn stash, just mail me the Stormy issue, keep the rest.

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Try not to touch little girls inappropriately #TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid

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Donald J. Trump's note to @POTUS @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse #TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid @TrumpSharpie

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#TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid I left the biggest mess for you in American history. Bigger than anyone has ever seen. You know it, and so does everyone else.

#BidenAdministration #WearAMask #TrumpInsurrection

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