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Purdue slides from #12 to #13 after 67-58 win over Indiana. Indiana drops 4 spots to #31. #Purdue #IUBB

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Wake up call this morning after looking at the IUWBB B1G tourney bracket. I’ve always demoted IUbb as only the men’s team. Many of us need to show more respect and start showing the same passion for both teams equally win or lose. A historic season and we are missing it! #iubb

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Get the fans back in Assembly Hall and I'm betting next year we look like a different team. Barring no one transfers and TJD comes back, I think we're a top 10 team. #iubb

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Assembly Hall has become a museum. A place where magic once happened but now we can only look at Banners and statues of a long gone era. #iubb

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Why did #IUBB fire this guy?

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The latest Indiana Hoops update is here! #indianahoops Top contributors today: @DavidWoods007 @TheHoosierNet @daily_hoosier #iubb #butler

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@robphinisee1 my little girl turns 10 today, can she get a bits that shoutout? @IndianaMBB #iubb @Archie_Miller

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#iubb last night:

🏀 @JordanHulls1 (@MHP_RIESEN 🇩🇪): 13 pts (4-6 3FG), 3 asts
🏀 @Mcswain_Jr21 (@Biisonit🇫🇮): 11 pts, 4 rebs, 3 asts

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6-Banner Sunday: Indiana drops ninth straight game to Purdue #iubb

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Just received an offer from #iubb

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#iubb Pick one!!

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What if the fearful pace ate the traffic? Is the expand turn better than the season? #iubb

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Tough lose. Regroup and focus. @Archie_Miller #iubb you’ll have the best team in the league next year. Play that team in the big ten tourney.

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Archie Miller stinks #iubb

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He's starting to figure this out now? Little late Archie. #iubb

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I hate #iubb Twitter.

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@purdueballs Purdue going to the Final Four. Aim higher than just beating #iubb, everyone does that.

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#iubb fans want bob knight to walk in those doors.That won’t happen so I guess the next best thing is pat knight 😂😂

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@Zvilleschifs @BoilerBall @BoiledSports @PurdueMBBStats Sorry, what was that? Couldn’t hear you. I was being loud while counting to five. #iubb @IUHoosiers

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@BrettCrabtree3 Whatever. Got to find a way to drown my sorrows cuz of #iubb

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@purdueballs I can’t believe I’m the only #IUBB guy who finds this is hilarious! Brutal, but funny.😄👍

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@BrettCrabtree3 Lucky to have known you for so long! Not lucky to have had to cheer for this #iubb team for my years here!

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Can IU please hire Chris Beard after the season ends? Buyout Archie and bring in Chris #iubb

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@IndianaMBB I am alumni, I donate and I will follow the team and support it’s student athletes... but I won’t watch another game as long as Archie Miller is the head coach. #iubb

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@jstnland I haven’t seen anything negative, but I hope people would refrain from attacking players in general on social media.

I can’t imagine anyone connected to #IUBB is enjoying this moment - especially the players.

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When Bob Knight was fired I wrote a letter to @CBSSports titled THE DAY INDIANA BASKETBALL DIED. I need to find a copy of that letter. Who knew I was spot on. #iubb

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Lil Baby free throw attempt. 💀💀

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@GreggDoyelStar Not quite right Gregg. #IUBB wants a National Championship every now and then...what Purdue has is...well cute. #IUBB

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I am just a girl, standing in front of a basketball team, asking them to win #iubb #Pacers

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Time for a change. Rip off the bandaid #iubb

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Seniors at Indiana University have seen neither an NCAA Tournament or a victory over Purdue from Indiana Basketball.

Embarrassing mismanagement of a once storied program.

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Miller: "At some point we're going to have to make some open shots."

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