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@BarbzAccount @MariahVibez #FreeBritney this woman deserves her own life!!!!💔

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Day 5 of a Joe Biden presidency and the Biden administration still hasn’t issued a statement regarding #FreeBritney

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Abuser. #FreeBritney get a job!

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#FreeBritney #BritneySpears

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Teaser trailer "Framing @BritneySpears" that will premiere on February 5 on @FXNetworks and @hulu by @nytimes (sur @DisneyPlusFR section Star en France ?) #FREEBRITNEY

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Spread the word. #FramingBritneySpears (Documentary) next Friday February 5th #FreeBritney

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Ela serviu muito aqui, mulher maravilhosa. Pena q o clipe foi engavetado #FreeBritney

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#BritneySpears #FreeBritney #timesup #lockuplou #jailjcolon #scramscam #endtheconservatorship #endconservatorshipabuse #JusticeforBritney #supportingbritneytheperson

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Glad to see bigger news publications talking about this. Maybe 2021 will be the year that Britney Spears can live her life in peace and autonomy.

#FreeBritney #EndConservatorshipAbuse

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Maybe we could wean the sheep off QAnon if we got them more involved in #FreeBritney

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omg @jamielynnspears bestie i found this brand new lip gloss i loved you should definitely try it 😍

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@BSpears_BR Isso é um crime, uma pessoa se passar por outra e gravar um álbum e ainda faz questão de dizer que foi ela que gravou . Isso pode até ajudar o movimento #FreeBritney , pois mostra a perversidade da equipe dela.

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#GFvip #alfonso Tra poco vi denunciano per violazione dei diritti umani e sequestro di persona. "Ve lo chiede il pubblico", assolutamente no! #sovip #tzvip #FreeBritney

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Still kinda in awe that #FreeBritney and the renewed coverage over the conservatorship just......took off like it did!

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I’ll be tuning in!! #FreeBritney

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@billboard #FreeBritney ❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💓

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Framing Britney Spears: Documentary to delve into #FreeBritney case @britneyspears 💞

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@thehatedsource Brit's sooo smart and an amazin lyricist!it's so frustrating people can't see that because of her appearence! She has always given us hints in her songs! We've learnt to read between the lines! #FreeBritney 💗 #AllThatSheWants #Sample

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THIS!!! They’re pushing the idea that Britney is incapable of speaking for herself. They’re protecting the child-like, soft spoken, fragile image that the cship is BANKING ON. We know her spirit and strength. All of those minions are getting exposed soon enough. #FreeBritney

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Exactly what I thought! Fe would NEVER do or say anything to hurt her. She was there when Parnell was allegedly drying out in rehab. Share your truth Fe! 💜 #FreeBritney

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@liviarus eu acho q a Britney tava fazendo a rebelião do #FreeBritney nessa época

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Many people including random accounts are speaking on Britney’s behalf except her, it’s annoying

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clique no gif

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Remember when beloved Fe has thanked Billy B multiple times for speaking up for #BritneySpears? Everyone trusts her, she's a good one and has no reason to egg on someone lying.

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The “longtime family friend” in the new Britney Spears documentary may be her personal assistant Fe. #FreeBritney

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Britney Spears hasn’t been able to completely control her own life for 13 years, stuck in a court-sanctioned conservatorship. A new documentary by The New York Times examines the pop star’s court battle with her father for control of her estate.

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this needs more attention, this is horrifying

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So when is @billboard gonna apologize for robbing Britney of the #1 spot she rightfully deserved? Remember when they changed the rules one week before #Blackout was released to keep it from hitting the top? It's been more than 13 years and I'm still pissed. #FreeBritney

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In a new episode of  #NYTPresents, the docuseries will go deep on Britney Spears' incredible pop-music success and why she's now in a court battle with her father to take back control of her life

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The letters of truth from Britney gave so much insight, Pop artists these days would not be able go thru half the shit Paparazzi put Britney Thru during 2007 - 2008 and long after and she is reminded of those days with this CShip & it’s time to #FreeBritney #TimesUp

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James “Jamie” Spears

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