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@stillbauer Ich glaube kaum, dass #AstraZeneca Insolvenz anmelden muss, wenn sie von der #EU zukünftig nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden. BTW - evtl. liegt der schwarze Peter ja auch bei der #EU?

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I sincerely hope #Boris will NOT cave in to #EU vaccine-bullying. I also sincerely hope that right across Europe, EVERYONE who urgently needs jabs will get them very soon. It's people's LIVES we're talking about here. Quite simply, the EU need to get their act together, TODAY.

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#EU #Brexit & #Covid19 it seems the #EuropeanUnion failed to heed the #Remoaners warnings of Logistics problems regarding #Brexit which is only really made difficult by EU bureaucratic demands at borders, they signed up late & now expect to jump queues?

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Thanks for fruitful talk w/ @APranckevicius 🇱🇹 Deputy Foreign Minister for 🇪🇺 Slovakia & Lithuania are connected in #EU + #NATO, but also by historical experiences ✌️We know how important is the fight for freedoms & truth even today! I look forward our further cooperation. 🤝

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@mattwridley @JohnNemoBell "The UK & US invested 7 times more public money per capita to accelerate vaccine breakthrough, acting with war-time energy while #EU remained stuck in its bureaucratic box-ticking subculture, catering to the lowest common denominator of 27 states."

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@CNEWS @dimitripavlenko vous dites les #EU produisent 15% de l’émission mondiale de #CO2 pendant qu’en #Chine c'est le 30% mais vous «oubliez» que aux UE ils sont 328.239.523 d’habitants pendant qu’en Chine ils sont 1.394.015.977... Trop d’ #hypocrisie ça vire au malhonnête.

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Cut them off! #BrexitReality #MP highlights trade masterplan to completely turn tables on #EU

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Europa moet ook pro-actief productiecapaciteit uitbouwen zowel voor eigen vaccinatie als voor de rest van de wereld. Dit virus en z'n varianten stoppen niet aan de Europese grens. #EU #europe #vaccinatiestrategie #vaccine #solidarity #COVID19 #begov 2/

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French tech & consulting firm @Atos and French cloud computing firm @OVHcloud plan #EU made #cloud services

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Danke für die sehr gelungene und hilfreiche Zusammenfassung der EU-Kulturförderlandschaft 2021-2027 an @CED_Kultur! Auch hier direkt abrufbar: #Kulturförderung #EU #CreativeEurope

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🔹 #Spahn will " #Impfgipfel" von Bund und Ländern
🔹 #EU und #AstraZeneca können sich nicht einigen

Alle aktuellen Entwicklungen rund um das #Coronavirus immer hier: 👉

#Covid19 #Impfung #Impfen #Impfstoffe #Impftermin #Impftermine

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Speciale VN-rapporteur voor extreme armoede en #mensenrechten @DeSchutterO bespreekt morgen de resultaten over de vooruitgang v/d #EU in strijd tegen armoede, ongelijkheid & sociale uitsluiting & legt beleidsmakers aanbevelingen voor.
Live: 29/01 om 10.30u

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👍 Wer die Interessen eines #WEF und deren Gründers @ProfKlausSchwab , vor dem Wohlergehen seines eigenen Volkes stellt, hat an der Spitze sowohl einer Nation, als auch einer daraus resultierenden #EU ,nichts verloren🤔So, künstlich Intelligent, gesehen 🤔

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#EU & #US do deal to open up EU financial markets to US banks.

As UK banks have only time limited access to EU financial markets it is likely that without a deal UK clearing banks will lose out to EU & US banks putting our economy at risk.

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A busy 9 for you @BBCNews @BBCTwo - talking to director of #REACT study on latest #coronavirus data - @adamfleming on #BorisJohnson visit to #Scotland + #Quarantine - @GavinLeeBBC #EU #AstraZeneca row + @WHO in #Wuhan - #schools #march8th & the pressure on #socialwork

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Rivo-Riitan sanoin: "Minä sulle positiivisen päiväjärjestyksen näytän!" #venäjä #EU

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#DataProtectionDay | Time to remember this fundamental #HumanRight.

Working on the frontline of investigations & prosecutions, #Eurojust processes various categories of #PersonalData.

As an #EU Agency, we proudly commit to the highest standards 👉

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The history of "the holocaust" is happening to the people of #Tigray. I hope the world would take the required action to stop the madness of Abyi Ahmed and Isayas Afeworki.

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#Brexit diplomat row latest: a meeting for #Britain's new ambassador to the #EU, Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby, with @eucopresident's head of cabinet has been postponed by the #EU side: sources.

#EU wants #UK to move on the diplomatic status of its ambassador in London.

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All those #EU-lovers are SO silent on Twitter at the moment, it's almost scary. Have they all slipped away to another planet?

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V “jedrnih” državah #EU niso nič kaj nežni do protestnikov. Si predstavljate, da bi tak posnetek nastal v Ljubljani ali v Varšavi? Takoj fašizem pa to. Zaustavitev EU sredstev. Antifa solidarnost. ipd.

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RT DSMeu "By 2060, it is estimated that at least 1 out of 3 Europeans will be over 65 and #ICT plays an important role in this.

Find out more about the #EU 🇪🇺 policies on ageing well with ICT 👉

#EUAgeing "

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@notayesmansecon In less diplomatic language, he’s hopefully going to tell them where they can stick it...

#EU-SSR “Put the govt in charge of the desert & you’ll have a shortgae of sand”- Milton Friedman

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If you have tears to shed, prepare to shed them now!
Merci @donaldtuskEPP ~ vous etes vraiement gentilhomme!

#ToryBrexit #Brexit #EU #borisjohnson #BrexitBritain #BrexitDeal #NodealBrexit

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New geopolitical pictures is being formed in post-Karabakh #Caucasus against the backdrop of passive engagement of #EU. On #TOPTALK we try to learn European perspective on the recent war and its outcomes with Dr. Stefan Meister (@meistefan1)

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@BrexitBin Not jumping on it, cabinet ministers started this war as soon as the #astrazenecavaccine was approved, boasting of being the best (Williamson literally) and unnecessarily boasting of vaccinating more than whole #EU put together because it helps with #Brexit propaganda.

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Britain should be proud of its brilliant vaccination rollout programme, it’s not our fault the EU is 3 months behind- they dithered and didn’t order when we took a gamble and invested millions in the Astra Zeneca jab #vaccine #tradewar #EU #AstraZeneca #BorisJohnson

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Is it any wonder we voted to leave with people like @peterliese he's another jumped up @guyverhofstadt #EU

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"The #EU’s attempts to regulate #Artificial #Intelligence could be met with future challenges resulting from an agreement on e-Commerce at the level of the World Trade Organisation ( #WTO), according to a new study published on Tuesday (26 January)."


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Het is ronduit belachelijk dat 't protocol voor geneesmiddelen als #HCQ en #Ivermectine nog niet is gewijzigd. Bewijzen stapelen zich op dat ze wel degelijk een positieve invloed hebben op 't ziekteverloop bij #COVID19. Inmiddels weet ik wel zeker dat dit OPZET is.
#BigPharma #EU

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From 1 January 2021, if your business is registered for #VAT in the #UK, you will need to consider how to treat VAT added to #imports from the #EU.

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@GrootKo @DissidentNl De naïviteit waarmee de #EU met ons geld strooit... Het ontbreken van bindende afspraken met betrekking tot het doel. Wanbeleid. #NEXIT

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Wondering if Brexit will affect New EU Data Protection rules? Then read the informative @DataVault_UK blog here on the subject #GDPR #Brexit #EU #Dataprotection

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Great initiative to develop #solarPV in Europe, aligned with the #EU ambitious #co2emissions reduction target. Climate cannot wait!

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@NickFerrariLBC spends all morning demeaning and negatively talking down the #EU and then calls them our 'friends'. When are you leaving for GB news?

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📣Seguimos con la segunda jornada del congreso #Iberoamericano

🗣Massimiliano Dragoni @EU_Commission presentará
#LATAM - #EU @StartUpEUAwards y los talleres Next Generation LATAM🌎🇪🇺

Comenzamos a las 10:00h➡

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Out now: Der erste CED KULTUR #Newsletter des Jahres!
🗞️ Mehr zu #KreativesEuropa #KULTUR und unserer Publikation "EU funding for culture 2021-2027" hier:

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Verzoek inzetten Ivermectine tegen Covid-19 ⁦@SchraderWalter

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Herausforderungen in der Krise Merkel beklagt, dass es nicht vorangeht – ja, wer regiert denn? #Corona #Krisenmanagement

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT- A female protester was badly injured after she was slammed into a concrete wall by police water cannon during anti-lockdown protests in Eindhoven

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Okay, they've officially lost it! 🤣

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[Solar PV] Commisioner @KadriSimson meets @InnoEnergyEU & @SolarPowerEU CEOs and announces ambition of reaching 320 GW of #solarPV by 2030. Full meeting here:

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Putin toivoo EU:n ja Venäjän suhteiden parantuvan – ehdottaa paluuta "positiiviseen päiväjärjestykseen"

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📢Save the date and join us for the livestreamed press conference :
Media invitation :
📢À vos agendas! Assistez à la conférence de presse en ligne
Et lisez l'invitation aux médias:

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