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Setback for Tom Lawrence, David Marshall update #dcfc

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Your morning Derby County headlines #dcfc

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@duolingo can you please add a #Cherokee course so that a beautiful, modern language doesn't die out? Grazie, danke, arigato. 💛💛💛💛

@NatGeoLat @BBC @AlJazeera @TeamUSA

#100DaysOfCode #ArnabGate #BillsMafia #COVID19 #dcfc #COVID20 #SaveLanguage #ExtinctionRebellion

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relegation party I’m hearing? #DCFC

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The media are obsessed with Rooney. It's no longer Derby County or the Rams, no it's Wayne Rooney's Derby or Wayne Rooney's rams 😅😂🤣🤪🤡
So embarrassing for #dcfc 🤪🤡🤣😁😅

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Rooney is a strange choice of manager for #dcfc in their current predicament. The closest he's come to gaining experience of a relegation battle is being so shit at all but one international tournament England must have come close to being relegated from UEFA in to CONCACAF

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@RJConway92 He is, but being a Rams man now you need to change teams and be on the losing side and be used to it!! #DCFC #RamsHouse

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What a wank day for sports. Watching a hideous performance by Derby followed by Rodgers tearing our defence apart #dcfc #rams

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@redfern_i_j @derbycountyblog From before he departed, I think you mean! Do you think someone like Wayne Rooney would have agreed to come and play for Championship mainstays Derby County without assurances he was going to become manager? How do you think that would have affected PC? It’s outrageous #dcfc

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No amount of alcohol can cure the pain of knowing your football club is heading for relegation. Grim. #dcfc

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@derbycountyblog Undoubtedly. A business needs clarity to plan & cash to survive. In this hugely damaging void, #dcfc has neither. Unless a robust & sustainable way forward is secured before the window shuts in 15 days, there's every prospect of relegation and/or Administration (in either order)!

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Anything other than this is utter insanity. Monday/Tuesday latest. #dcfc

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Mel your PR stunt yesterday hasn't lasted long come out and tell us the truth now! Not the CEO we want you. Takover or no takeover, and what is the delay because we are not buying the shit now! #DCFC

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Think us Derby fans have gotta prepare for the worst... The only positives to come out of Derby so far this season are COVID tests 🤦🏻‍♂️ league one here we come! #dcfc #dcfcfans

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@peterlee7395 @dcfcofficial I was worried about today, but had my fingers crossed #dcfc players would be able to rise above the chaos. But Rotherham were simply better physically and showed the right attitude and controlled aggression. Derby couldn't deal with that. It was pretty worrying at times.

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Do you think that Mel Morris should set Bin Zayed / Derventio a final deadline to complete the #dcfc takeover - and then call the deal off if the deadline is not met? #dcfcfans

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Been getting some accusations of negativity, so it feels worth pointing out that despite the damaging defeat today, #dcfc are still only in the bottom three on goal difference.

It's not much of a positive, but it does demonstrate that the situation is not beyond retrieval yet.

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@QuestTV @dcfcofficial @Rams_Chat @dcfcfans @derbycountyblog @dcfc_live So why were #dcfc favourites to win today then?

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Did the new proposed owner genuinely believe we’d still be in this mess? You’d think maybe not. Can you honestly blame them for wanting to pull out or at least knock the price down to get a better deal considering the increased risk of relegation? #dcfc #dcfcfans

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That Jason Knight post game interview is world class. Love the kid to bits #dcfc

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Here’s a stat...

Even if Derby win all 11 remaining home matches to get 40 home points it will be the fewest points taken at home in a season since the 2011/12 campaign under Nigel Clough! 👀 #dcfc #dcfcfans

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Wayne Rooney's first match as permanent manager o' Derby didn't quite go t'plan 😬

Report ⬇️ #dcfc #bbcfootball

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Episode 4 of our FIFA 21 Next Gen Wayne Rooney Career Mode is out now!

Video Link Here —>

#Rooney #DCFC #dcfcfans #FIFA21 #PS5 #Gamer #gaming #MUFC #PlayStation5 #FUT21 #Derby #England #efc #football #PremierLeague

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About the jist of it #dcfc #dcfcfans

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Wayne Rooney's first match as permanent manager of Derby didn't quite go to plan 😬

Report ⬇️ #dcfc #bbcfootball

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It's bad the players haven't been paid their wages...... it's also bad that they're not earning them.....pretty sure they're quits after that game....🤔 #dcfc

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How I expect Derby to play before the game.


When the whistle goes at 3 o’clock.


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Wednesday: Derby on verge of administration

Thursday: Derby have to sell best young talent

Friday: Mel to Pr team “announce Rooney’s retirement and Manager on permanent basis, need some positive PR”

Saturday: Derby 0 Rotherham 1

Mel to PR team. #nffc #dcfc

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Derby County need a reset! #dcfc

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Rams fans have had their say...🐏

#dcfc #dcfcfans

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Is there any chance we beat Bournemouth on tuesday? #dcfc

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@AndyKJR2 @danielwarren88 Plenty of work to do to survive and a massive improvement is needed on and off the field in the second half of the season. I think #dcfc have a huge opportunity with Rooney and McClaren working as a team, but we need stability and frankly investment to be sorted, very quickly

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No way should Knighty be captain. As good as he is, you want your captain to be your leader, surely? Experience, a talker, organiser.. @TheCurtisDavies is a great example of what I expect from a club captain.

#dcfc #dcfcfans

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The last time I was at ease with us defensively was when these pair had there short stint together!
Forget Keogh.
This was a wall. #dcfc #dcfcfans

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Sort the takeover or league 1 beckons

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Only about 2,000 people in the world can speak the Cherokee language fluently. As Covid-19 spread, that number began to dwindle.

Now the Cherokee Nation is prioritizing vaccinations for Cherokee speakers in an effort to save its culture and identity.

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