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Dear @fbi- can we stop the madness already? #askingfortheentirecountry Southeast Michigan Militia plans protest at Lansing Capitol for Sunday #ThursdayVibes

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@kwelkernbc do you know how many times the mute button was used tonight? was it even used? #askingfortheentirecountry #greatjob

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@realDonaldTrump What's it like to be so emotionally immature that you need your ego constantly stroked just to form a coherent sentence? #askingfortheentirecountry PS- what you did is unconstitutional.

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@realDonaldTrump @PressSec let me make sure I understand this: you're forcibly installing an AG who is not qualified and has several conflicts of interest. Is this because of #DeutscheBank or #Epstein? #askingfortheentirecountry

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@iammix24 is the money you're making being one of 8 black trump supporters any good? #askingfortheentirecountry

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@realDonaldTrump is your campaign going to demand a retraction/apology from #FauxNews ? #askingfortheentirecountry

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New Fox News poll of registered voters has Biden leading Trump 50 to 38

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@PressSec Did you sell your soul before the #worstpresidentever gave you this job or when you were hired? #askingfortheentirecountry

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What do we gotta DO, to get the GOAT, @garthbrooks, on @Spotify!!!!??? #askingfortheentirecountry

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Why is our own Government and almost everyone else in power seemingly determined to wreck the UK? #askingfortheentirecountry

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@jfritze So when are they going to check him for dementia?? And if he has it can they arrest him not hospitalize him and overturn everything he did while in office??? #AskingForTheEntireCountry😏

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All I’m saying @Our_DA is tell us about yourself. What do you stand for? #AskingfortheEntireCountry #AThread

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Ok but what does the @Our_DA even stand for? #AskingfortheEntireCountry #AThread

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Please invade America and remove the dictator.


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Nous avons tous intérêt à veiller à la propreté, à la santé et à la résilience de nos océans, de nos littoraux et de nos mers. #JournéeMondialeDesOcéans

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Hey, @SpeakerRyan - is there anything I can do to help you collect facts about school shootings? Also, I thought you guys believed in “the right to life”. Are children at school entitled to live? #askingfortheentirecountry

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Paul Ryan video mashup: 3 years of arguing against "knee-jerk" reactions to mass shootings

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@AjitPaiFCC Who gave @Twitter and @facebook the right to suppress free speech? #AskingForTheEntireCountry

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@nytimes Shouldn't their position be 'We will fully cooperate with the investigation.' Not 'how much should we cooperate.' #AskingForTheEntireCountry

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How many articles of impeachment have to be filed for the process to actually begin? 🤔 #askingfortheentirecountry

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@cspan .@realDonaldTrump So you're saying "most people" would have committed treason then? #AskingForTheEntireCountry

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@nbcwashington Dear @VP is it too much to ask, to keep your filthy hands off of NASA equip that clearly says "Do Not Touch." #AskingForTheEntireCountry

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@ChrisMurphyCT @ChelseaClinton @CoryBooker @brianschatz Did they even send it to the CBO to score? #AskingForTheEntireCountry Especially since GOP didn't like (agree) w/ CBO's last numbers.

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@KatyTurNBC @NBCNightlyNews Is there ANYONE around Trump who is not crooked & not connected to Russia? #AskingForTheEntireCountry #AskingForAFriend

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