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Just finished @HectorBellerin #UnseenJourney. This series makes you realise that footballers are humans.
The spotlight is on them at all times. I’m currently recovering from my own ACL injury which happened as a result of a dislocated knee in football. Big respect Hector!🤛🏻

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@HectorBellerin Really loved this Documentary, honestly I was sad finishing it so fast 😋 keep up that good personality🤗 #UnseenJourney

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That's why I appreciate this player so much. He is just a great person. More than footballer☝🏼I recommend -> Unseen Journey Documentary (1-9) … prostřednictvím @YouTube @HectorBellerin #COYG #Arsenal #UnseenJourney Hector draw me something please🙏🏼🤗

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@HectorBellerin @HectorBellerin how many RTs for a signed shirt? #unseenjourney

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@HectorBellerin Completed it broski! Even emailed you telling you how much I loved it. #UnseenJourney I bought a heccy b top but hasn’t arrived yet, hope to get it signed by you in the future #UnseenJourney

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#UnseenJourney EP2 & EP3 live stream tonight 7pm (UK) here on Twitter.

If you missed EP1 click below

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@HectorBellerin ‘s #UnseenJourney is a really good insightful watch, not many documentaries quite like that in football

Florin Andone is going through a similar thing at the moment hope his recovery goes as smoothly because he could have a real impact on the team

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Just finished watching #UnseenJourney W/ @HectorBellerin - Top insight into the life of a footballer when injured. Huge respect to Bellerin 👏

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3M+ views and we’re still gathering pace with the #UnseenJourney

More live streams of EP2-9 coming over on @HectorBellerin’s Twitter.

If you’ve watched it already, please feel free to review on IMDB

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Have you been watching #UnseenJourney ?

Well now you can rate the documentary over on @IMDb

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@HectorBellerin are you taken off the rehab what's app group?

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Absoloutly brilliant from @HectorBellerin to document his journey and the RTP process from his ACL injury. Highly recommend for anyone working as part of a multidisciplinary team or with injured athletes ⚽️🙌🏾 #UnseenJourney

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Whether you’re an Arsenal fan or not it’s definitely worth checking out @HectorBellerin #UnseenJourney on YouTube all about his ACL rehab experience

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REVIEW: #UnseenJourney is a must-watch series for Arsenal fans; however, it’s much more. Sports fans in general will appreciate the detailed comeback story. The production, interviews, behind the scenes insight, and story make for a very interesting watch

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Here are my thoughts on @HectorBellerin’s #UnseenJourney (spoiler alert: it’s excellent)

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Catching up with @HectorBellerin documentary🙌🏼 Always has been my favourite player😍 #UnseenJourney

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Just finished watching Unseen Journey by @HectorBellerin and all I can say is he’s such a down to earth person and proves that he’s such a loyal person to our club and friends and family! ❤️ #COYG #UnseenJourney

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Just watched @HectorBellerin's excellent documentary on his recovery from ACL injury. So insightful about both the physical and mental sides of rehab for elite athletes. It is well worth a watch.

So glad to have him back on the pitch. COYG!

#UnseenJourney #gooner

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@HectorBellerin #UnseenJourney really eye opening and v interesting - watched 6 episodes straight off 😀 thank you for letting us see the reality of injuries - good luck tomorrow #COYG

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Just finished @HectorBellerin’s #UnseenJourney  , and I loved everything about it. Great and honest insight to the downs of a professional footballer. Hector is truly an inspiring human being and great great footballer. We are so lucky to have him in the club ❤️ #Arsenal

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"It's not about being different; it's about being yourself. If you're yourself then you're gonna be different, because there's no-one that's exactly like you."

-@HectorBellerin's #UnseenJourney

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Watching the incredible #UnseenJourney doc from @HectorBellerin reminds me deeply why I am so proud to be a #Gunner Bless you Hector! Never leave us. @Arsenal

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If I didn’t love @HectorBellerin enough, #UnseenJourney has made me love him even more. What a guy 🥰

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Just finished watching the #UnseenJourney by @HectorBellerin and feel like writing something about this legend. In my high school I was a right back of the @asyv football team and I always found it thrilling to emulate the playing style of Hector (he was a mentor to me).

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I’ve just binge watched all 9 episodes. Absolutely fascinating to see Hector’s journey back from his ACL injury and the ups & downs a player goes through to get back on the pitch. Thank you for sharing this @HectorBellerin & huge respect #UnseenJourney #AFC #COYG #Arsenal

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Behind-the-scenes shots from the #UnseenJourney interview filming with HIFEN Studios.

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For anyone that hasn't seen it, thoroughly recommended the @HectorBellerin #UnseenJourney doco on YouTube. A fantastic insight into an injury comeback. Hector speaks so well. Thanks for sharing. 👊

Credit to @tim_parham and co for their hard work too. The unsung heroes. 👏


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I think we all have been a bit harsh on Hector. It takes a long time to feel like your old self after an ACL. I’m certain he still doesn’t feel how he felt before the injury. Hopefully, he’ll find his peak physical form again.

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@HectorBellerin @arseblog #UnseenJourney loved it hector good work, top guy💕

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Great documentary @HectorBellerin | #UnseenJourney 🏃🏻💉 ⚽️

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#UnseenJourney EP1 LIVE NOW.

Let me know your thoughts using #UnseenJourney and I’ll try and get back to as many as I can! Hope you all enjoy it ❤️

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