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And if you ever have the opportunity to see/hear @helenprejean speak, take it. I'll never forget seeing her at @UNC circa 2000, walking back to my dorm with my mind reeling from all the new questions I had to ask myself.

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#Thread Après la Norvège, les premiers chiffres tombent aux US :

55 décès suspects aux États-Unis à la suite d’une injection du vaccin à ARN de Pfizer ou de Moderna, selon un rapport soumis aux autorités fédérales.

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“Jual makanan tapi tak post feedback”

Say no more 🤚🏻 #feedbacksyaabakes #thread

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Ou konn sa ki yon idyolèk? Suiv #thread sa. 👇🏾

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A #THREAD on the state of our union...

RED1: completed (obviously).

RED2: I think this pertains to conservatives and Trump supporters being silenced across the board in the continental U.S.

RED3: Pelosi disappeared for 2 days at the beginning of this week...

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@mkirtani Hey Màyur, what's up? The thread is compiled, don't hesitate to share it. Have a good read: #thread #SCOTUS

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If we understand that we are not in control and we never will be, life is a bliss! Profound #thread

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#Thread "Now, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic Leblanc is a whip-smart guy, educated at Trinity College and Harvard. He was sent out, a few days ago, to polish the turd that is Justin Trudeau’s record on vaccines." @KinsellaWarren

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How Duke led to Trumpism. Oof. #thread

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[ #THREAD | 16.01.21]

Trechos do V Live <모여봐♡> (Reunir♡) de #Taemin, #Minho e #Onew

Tradução PT BR por Thaimin | WTH SHINee
Não retire sem os devidos créditos.

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𝑠𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 2. 𝑒𝑝𝑖𝑠𝑜𝑑𝑒 6.
#freaky #freakystorytimes #storyx18plus #threadstorytime #Thread #storytime #series #storytimethread

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Ps: Bien évidemment ici je me suis surtout concentrée sur la jeunesse latino-américaine, qui a été l’un des plus grands courants lumumbistes au monde. Mais l’Afrique entière a aussi produit des lumumbistes. Il a tant semé #Lumumba, qu’un seul #THREAD ne suffit pas. Sorry...🙏🏽😅😝

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Please Retweet and tag anyone who can be of help please

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Great #thread 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽❤️

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Haii 😔. Started the year this way, and it has not been so good but was hoping for a good solution along the line.

The story behind this: Dec 20th last year went for a wedding at my parents place, and i took my pc along because i will be staying for a long time.

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#HISTOIRE- #THREAD: Héritage et l’esprit de #Patrice_Lumumba dans le monde.

Février 1960 à #Jakarta, #Nikita_Khrouchtev annonce l’ouverture d’une faculté à #Moscou. Lieu de rencontre de jeunes socialistes du monde entier, issus de familles modestes. La future Université #Lumumba.

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#thread à bien dérouler de bout en bout pour bien comprendre qui sont ces twittos qui nous tombent régulièrement dessus et font sauter les comptes comme ceux de @realmarcel1

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my brothers invited dre over😳🙁
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Meus favs sorrindo - a #Thread

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I *love* this. #Thread

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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

Tenha uma *denoite também essa noite! Coração! <3


Cr. desix_O825, moonraiijeu

#DAY6 @day6official


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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

🦊: +Quando você vai a sauna, você precisa provar as especialidades: ovos, caqui, sikhye, e fazer o penteado de ovelha com a toalha.

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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

🦊: Eu gosto de me banhar na parte inferior do corpo, mas não tem banheira no dormitório. Quando eu era criança, ia muito a sauna, mas de repente parei de ir. +

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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

🦊: Sobre a comida, quanto mais fome você sente, mais deliciosa é a comida, certo?
É por isso que ele não costuma jantar antes das transmissões de rádio ao vivo, e ao invés disso ele faz lanchinhos noturnos depois da transmissão.

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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

Young K acha interessante quando as pessoas conseguem lembrar a data na qual irão encontrar seus amigos, porque ele não consegue fazer isso.

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[ #THREAD] 16.01.21 | DAY6 Kiss The Radio

+Ele era um dos melhores alunos do curso, mas também fazia questão de se divertir. Agora ele está se preparando para se tornar professor.

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#start. January 17, 2021 at 06:00AM
What #thread for this day?
Let's learn something and have some fun.

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At a Black Lives Matter event at Barclays right now and a cop looked scared and nervous so someone said:

“Don’t worry, we’re not Blue Lives Matter”

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The Original. The Remix. and The Thread:

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Hi. I manage a restaurant with dozens upon dozens of employees. $15/hr is good. We will be fine. The burgers won’t go up that much. They’ll go up a little. The money added to pockets will still be more. We’ve done the math. Stop pretending you’ve done it for us.

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What are the medical exceptions to wearing a facemask (other than “I am a bit of a precious twat”)? I can’t think of that many physiological reasons not to wear one.

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Quick thread on the Cisco case and @HinduAmerican's response. According to the HAF blog:

"The State of California has asserted that the caste system is 'a strict Hindu social and religious hierarchy,' and therefore an integral part of Hindu teachings and practices." 1/n

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THREAD: 15 of the most useful razors and rules I've found.

Rules of thumb that simplify decisions.

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1/ I’m not one for ‘told ya so’s but in 1989 when David Duke won the state House seat in Louisiana, some of us said this was an inflection point in American politics. This wasn’t just the logical result of Reaganesque racial dog whistling. It was something different (a thread)...

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Disney + has these super cute little mini docs. On one, a Pixar script supervisor is talking about how she noticed that their movies were heavily weighted towards more male characters, and male characters having more lines...

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छाउपडी र दाइजो प्रथा सरह नै तर धेरै चर्चा नहुने लैंगिक विभेदको यौटा निकै नै कुरूप अभ्यास हो मैथिल ब्राह्मण समाजमा हुने विवाह सम्बंधी व्यवस्था।
केही नीजि अनुभव उल्लेख गर्दै यस कुहिएको व्यवस्थामाथि प्रकाश पार्न चाहन्छु। +

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Justice Sotomayor opens her dissent in U.S. v. Dustin Higgs by saying the names of every person executed by the federal government over the past year.

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Thread -
Life is unpredictable. The more we think we hv figured it all out, the more mysterious it gets. It makes us ponder at its ability to pull off unimaginable tricks! There r some happy surprises n some downright cruel! It is when we r delivered an unexpected blow that

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Our world was not built for women. Someone could probably write a book about this, but here are a few examples I've been thinking about recently: 1/

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Some pictures of my cookie cups yang i guna 56735 kali cause they look sooooooo good.......🤤🤤🤤

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#Thread Ze : Qui sont ces militants pseudo-rationalistes & anti-écolo ?

« Cet article m’a valu 6 menaces de procès, la collecte et la diffusion des photographies en ligne où je figure, la recherche de mon adresse privée et une cohorte d’insultes. »

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