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Children should be able to use school-issued devices, while parents have security of mind that they are safe from pornographic content.

@Google and @Twitter could do so much more to #ProtectChildrenOnline!


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Thanks @ncose for taking the time to interview us about our book. We believe that together we can create a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation and protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

Click below for the full interview.


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When we talk about technology and how it affects us, we need to put children and teens at the forefront of the discussion!

@WeAreWiredHuman does just that in their work, including their newly released book, "The Glass Between Us."


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🎁 Give the gift of digital safety and health! 🎁📱

Our friends at @protecteyes just released their PROTECT app—a space to help your family become predator-proof, porn-resilient, and screen-wise in just 5 minutes a day!


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I 💕 this guy!


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Nathan Larson has FINALLY been arrested, a man that has come out and said that sex between father and daughter should be made legal, has said rape should be legal, how pedophilia isn't bad and should be made legal. Its fucking disgusting it took this long #protectchildrenonline

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#YouTube #protectchildrenonline @DDsulzbach @ReadytoglareYT @CreepShowArt1 @TehMimi

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Yup, own it @Pornhub, you and others like you created platforms for this traumatic content to be uploaded & shared.
#traffickinghub #protectchildrenonline

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Can I just reiterate there is only one bad guy here. @pornhub knew and had been told about their IBSA and child abuse infestation for years. They chose to ignore it.

@mindgeek chose to put their models content at risk by ignoring the illegal content they were hosting.

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Predators are not always single
Not always married
Not always gay
Not always straight
Not always old
Not always young
So arm your children with guideline protection knowledge before a predator fires a "gun"
#protectchildrenonline #stopabuse now!

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Great to see @bernadkadubicka being listened to by Parliament and letting her expertise shape the necessary limitations placed on the tech companies @RcpsychCAP #protectchildrenonline

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Asked to provide three things tech companies can do to improve the impact on mental health @bernadkadubicka says 1. high level privacy settings by default, 2. Opt in content warnings 3. much more power to take down content to protect your future privacy

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Does the principal know this? Does his boss? #ProtectChildrenOnline

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I'm getting moving notes from girls who had rape videos or naked videos of themselves on Pornhub, who were humiliated, who attempted suicide -- and who can now breathe again. So I can put up with the irritation of frustrated pedophiles around the world.

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#PascoSheriff & @KurtSBrowning must cut ties with the #police NOW because no #child should be labeled a " #criminal," EVER:
#security #privacy #OnlineSecurity #OnlinePrivacy #CyberSecurity #ProtectChildrenOnline

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@aplusk Hi Ashton. Will you please check this out and help us protect children? The analytics shows that predators watch the videos family vloggers make. The children’s parents know this but they don’t want to do anything to stop it. #protectchildrenonline

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hey @tedcruz there is a seriously dangerous thing happening on YouTube that you might want to have a look at. We need your help!

RT this to @tedcruz please everyone!!!

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Help spread the message and protect children from online predators.
Those innocent children have no say in what goes online in the name of “family vlogs”

#protectchildrenonline #savechildren

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Will Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Michael O’Pake of the Schuylkill County Office of the District Attorney Demand Fresh Air Fund Produce the Names of Host Families Who Sexually Abused Children? @FreshAirFund #protectchildrenonline

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Der Schutz von Kindern im Internet ist heute Thema in Brüssel @EP_Justice und Berlin. Wir setzen uns ein dafür, dass Kinderschutz weiterhin vor Datenschutz geht.

#protectChildrenOnline #protectchildren #onlineabuse #EndOSEC #EUElectronicCommunicationsCode #EU

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The awful truth about family vloggers!! Please watch this and share it. This is absolutely disgusting.
#StopFamilyVloggers #protectchildrenonline

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Thank you @PayPal for refusing to support the exploitation of children & adults. #traffickinghub #shutitdown #ProtectChildrenOnline #charity #nonprofits #wikicharities

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“Mastercard Inc. is reviewing ties to MindGeek after a New York Times column accused the parent of the Pornhub website of distributing videos depicting child abuse and nonconsensual violence.” #Traffickinghub

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Viele Kinder weltweit sind vor allem Online schutzlos #cybergrooming und #cybersex trafficking ausgeliefert. #protectChildrenOnline #protectchildren #onlineabuse #kinderrechte #stoppsklaverei

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The Children of Pornhub - Why companies are able to profit off videos of exploitation and assault? #protectchildrenonline #childrenrights

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Online-Dienstleister melden regelmäßig Vorfälle von sexualisierter Gewalt an Kindern an das NCMEC @MissingKids – das muss weiter möglich bleiben! @EP_Justice @BirgitSippelMEP #protectChildrenOnline #protectchildren #EUElectronicCommunicationsCode #EndOSEC

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Wir unterstützen den Appell an das LIBE Committee der EU @EP_Justice für bleibenden Schutz für Kinder vor Ausbeutung im Internet. #ProtectChildrenOnline #EndOSEC #protectChildren #stoppsklaverei

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The NCMEC have received over 82 million reports of child sexual exploitation to date. This figure is set to rise exponentially unless you join us to make a stand against the #ePrivacy Directive.
Join us:

#ChildProtection #ProtectChildrenOnline

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Report about #Childabuse #savegirl it's your #responsibility to stand against Child abuse #protectchildrenonline

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The consequences would be dire, not just in the EU, but globally. Please join me in asking the EU to prioritize child safety & amend this law to let companies carry on this righteous work. @Europarl_EN @MissingKids #ChildSafetyFirst #ProtectChildrenOnline #NoPrivacyForPredators

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#eu #protectChildrenOnline the clock is ticking!

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Laut #WHO erleben in Deutschland ca. 1 Million Kinder + Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren #Missbrauch. Überall, mitten unter uns, wir müssen nur hinsehen. Vermuten Sie #sexualisierteGewalt? Holen Sie (sich) Hilfe. ZB #HilfetelefonMissbrauch 0800 22 55 530

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