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@SuriyaMaara Enna script ah irundhalum ore music dhan 😎 #HHT♥🔥

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Not a lot of new music to listen to so you might as well Peep the new episode the pod 😏🙌🏾🎙🍷
#PodcastRecommendations #WineTalk #HHT

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Yo this shit ain't funny #HHT

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I Was Already Fuckin Wit Yo Campaign But Shidd We Locked In Na @POTUS45

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It's great to see so many #HHT follow chains💪💪💪

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#CovidVaccine - #HHT patienter verkar vara lika drabbade som den allmänna befolkningen; -vissa undergrupper kan ha högre risk (HHT-relaterade medicinska tillstånd som kan påverka förloppet av Covid 19 negativt, t ex kronisk anemi, hjärtsvikt, PAVM, PH)

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7 DIY Home Renovation Ideas in the Time of Lockdown

#realestate #realtor #dreamhomes #homebuyers #realestateagent #homesofinstagram #HaysHome #hht #realestateinvesting #housingmarket

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New article out of @UNMRadiology Dr. Blaine Hart and co-authors putting together a nice review article about cerebrovascular malformations! #CCM #HHT #BVMC

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New review article in @CI_Journal about cerebrovascular malformations! Thanks to my expert mentor Blaine Hart for including me #radiology

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New episode alert!!!!!! 9 am today we talked about #IMPACTonAXSTV and how it was the hottest thing in wrestling this week #HHT

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Tbh this a nice restart too many #HHT people followed me y'all suck

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#HHT let me say, The Big Day is not the end of ur world. Sure, it’s corny. It’s definitely over-long. But it clicks w/me, personally, and a lot of the tracks mean a lot to my heart. They make me happy. It’s love and happiness. Good vibez. Leave ppl alone who like shit u don’t 💿

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If #HHT can tweet this @FreddieGibbs and @PUSHA_T album into existence it will be our greatest achievement yet! Aside from the free marketing n promo we give to Artists obviously!

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The Outlaw Trio just did it up on this recording of @D_Pad_Ent check it out Sunday morn!!! Now imma chill and watch @BnrfWrestling in a few while I record for @HHHeel_Turn new episode that drops tomorrow morn. #takeover #HHT #DpadEnt #BNRF

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@theuncomfybird @thugbutts @strawberryfrogi @DoinYoMother See this is why I stay in #HHT where it's safe 🤣🤣

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@whoreforsaber @purplekisses__s I'm with you on this & it's a shame. There's so much great shit in the past 10-20 years & you can't tell me none of it is better than in the photo. People need to expand their horizons. I actually saw a commentator say that new artists suck bc they care too much about lyrics #HHT

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@ThaboMo03919052 @2bev1 #HHT ain't about @LILUZIVERT homie 😬 You can chill with us but you gotta behave lol 👊👊👊

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I feel like @youngthug goes outta his way to pretend to be Weezy. If I wanna listen to fake Weezy, I'll go to karaoke night 🙄🙄🙄 #HHT

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Shouts to @shotguntheaux and the dope Emcee challenge they've got happening over on IG.
Posting my entry here too cos fukitinnit #ShotgunTheAux #UKHH #HHT

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Yo @jansqueezy put A LOT of work into this and trust me, it's worth checking out. #HHT needs more of this 💪

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The Life Of Pablo, by Kanye West.
(album breakdown):

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Ok so actual fuck this hashtag ➡️ #dreamwaswrong. Apparently people are DRAWING child porn about some minecraft streamer. I say that to say this: Thank goodness for #HHT & #BlackTwitter cause it really ain't safe anywhere else 🤣
Btw y'all need to come save me from this 😭🤣

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When @MeekMill spits that hot shit in your face #HHT

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#DYK that #HHT is the largest hearth manufacturer in the world!? With over 100 patents and countless awards, there is no better time to become a #HearthExpert. Learn more: #HHTcareers

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Check out my latest video How low will it go? 2020 was the year of record-low mortgage rates

#realestate #realtor #dreamhomes #homebuyers #realestateagent #homesofinstagram #HaysHome #hht

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Script my podcast early in the am while taking a 💩 this is going to b greatness ya dig? #HHT

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NEW @AngelHaze! Yo this track goes hard in the paint! She's still got that fire lyrical talent, still spittin it in your face like you need to hear it. It's a banger 💯 This is the first track she's done in 4 years and it was well worth the *WEIGHT* #HHT

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Cooking up new shit alert!!! We double recording today. I got y’all covered on the wrestling bit and @D_Pad_Ent put the bat signal out for myself and @BowserFlatliner so we gonna pull up on d pad later as well. Cooking all day!! #HHT

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If you wanna party like a G this weekend I got 19h 45m of nothin' but straight up fire ass RAP. This #Playlist is constantly updated & curated, featuring legends & newcomers. Give it a listen, a retweet, tell your friends - your boy brings the 🔥🔥 #HHT

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@WORLDSTAR @oldmanebro Rap = lyrics
Of course we want the whole song to be good but the lyrics are the heart of it. He's trying to defend #MumbleRap but it's indefensible lol #HHT

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#Anbarivu Fan-made poster 💥💥
@HiphopTamizha @dir_Aswin

Design: jrvstudios

#HiphopTamizha @SathyaJyothi_ @Kashmira_9 @sangithakrish @madheshmanickam @PradeepERagav @DoneChannel1 #HHT5 #HHT #AdhiAndJeeva #KashmiraPardeshi #No1FanofHiphopTamizha

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@SuckMyDickOnSo3 @7dbeaner @sandavidcito @LILUZIVERT Y'all should go on ahead and take the L yo. Since I'm a nice guy Imma leave y'all with some grown shit to lay y'all's heads down to tonight. While I'm at, this goes out to @Drake too cause fuck him 😂😂😂 #HHT

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Sweet pick by my friend @HedgehogTrader Thank you #HHT!!

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$IBIO Rocking After Hours! #prediction #profits

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The entire package is important on any track. Having said that lyrical talent is the cornerstone, the heart of rap. If an artist is a good lyricist & delivers that in a talented way I'm there for it every time. You can miss me with that #MumbleRap bullshit 👊 #HHT

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@theestallion Calm the fuck down lol, you're good 👊 Matter fact I just got all your albums on @Spotify and I don't care what anyone says, you HOT Girl Meg 💪💪💪 #HHT

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Bernie 79 years old dropping heat but your fav complaining bout his knee 😶

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A lot of ya’ll Rappers sound like shit because you think your lyrics are more important than the producer & engineer..

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Drake so light skin he hurt his knee and refused to record songs with his voice

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