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Fresh starts are in the air. 2021 has ushered in the trend known as Dry January among people who are looking to experience the year ahead in a slightly different state. #NewYearResolution #FreshStart #DryJanuary #SoberCurious

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... and that’s ok!

Hey Friday Jr. WE SEE YOU👍🏼

#thetipsyteacherpodcast #theurbanwinery #coffee #wine #wineforteachers #teachergift #dryjanuary

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Gin & tonic after eight chocolates don’t count when it comes to #DryJanuary surely 🤷🏽‍♀️ #askingforafriend

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Sticking with #DryJanuary because I'm not a quitter, but it's safe to say that I will not be continuing it past the end of Jan 😂 I haven't felt any better for having given it up and life is just too freaking miserable right now to not be able to enjoy the odd drink!

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Truly always dropping a new pack during #DryJanuary

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Check out our latest Mocktail recipe for the Blueberry Nojito. Based of a world famous Cocktail it’s just as good as the original. 🫐🍃🍹

#DryJanuary #Mocktail #Mojito

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Doing #DryJanuary may feel hard, but keep pushing through - you're nearly there. It can be a #stressful time, but here are some ways to help you look after your #mentalhealth whilst keeping a #healthyrelationship with #alcohol from @AlcoholChangeUK

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TravisD tells Mike about the greatest strike in bowling history, you can’t make this shit up. Thursdays, 7pm we come to you live on your favorite streaming app! Join us for a good time! #twitch #youtube #facebooklive #twitter #podcast #indiepodcast #dryjanuary #linkinbio

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If #DryJanuary is making you question your drinking patterns, you don’t have to leave home to get help. Explore programs offering telehealth services or online support groups via @NIAAAnews:

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Almost three weeks of #DryJanuary done! What’s been going on inside your body during this time? Find out here:

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Three weeks in #DryJanuary

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+ Flat 4% PW Cashback🤑
(Shop for Multivitamin capsules for Men & Women)


#PaisaWapas #DryJanuary #Wow #etsy #Online #shopping #Health

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Breaking News. Milk in ASDA has risen from £1.09 per 4 pints to £1.15 #justsaying #DryJanuary

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Squirters FC, I come in peace! That squirting you have been doing and or trying to achieve, perish that idea! it's urine and nothing more🙄 and some of you that suck and drink squirts
Stop eet!! #DryJanuary #Health

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If you're doing #veganuary but not #dryjanuary (both is a big ask) you might be wondering what type of wines work best with vegan food. Here are a few thoughts . #winepairing

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I can’t believe I’m getting through this #DryJanuary and #Whole30 this month. Between the insurrection, impeachment proceedings, the swearing in of @KamalaHarris, and now @ladygaga and @katyperry last night, one day I want to drink from sadness—the next I want to drink champagne.

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N E W ! ! Review of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper Alcohol Free Gin.

[AD - PR Products] #AlcoholFree #DryJanuary @LPLBloggers @cosyblogclub #SeaArch #TheClqRT #BloggerLS #BloggersTribe

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Enjoyed the review by @RealGirlsWobble and now want to enjoy the wine?

Get you @TorresWines Natureo Rosé here:

#DryJanuary #DryJan #DryJanuary2021 #AlcoholFree #MindfulDrinking #ZeroAlcohol #NonAlcoholic #NonAlcoholicWine #OYNB #BetterChoice #NoHangover

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Need to ensure your clients are taking part in #DryJanuary?
We suggest SCRAM CAM®.

Results are automatically uploaded every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more info, visit:

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Only a few days left for #DryJanuary, make 'em count!

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Please which Angel is in charge of time? We need to put January on automatic fast forward because how is it still the 21st?😩 Tori this is the third month inside January alone 😭
#DryJanuary #Buhari

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January not working for you? you can take part in #dryjanuary at any time of the year, for extra support why not get this fabulous book, #trydry @AlcoholChangeUK @talkalcohol @CAPUKTweets @CAPAlanSimpson

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New #DryJanuary review is up! Enjoy! #DryJanuary2021

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun. The @thismorning crew enjoying a little @LyresSpiritCo as part of a #DryJanuary round-up. Cheers for including our fab client 🥃🥃🥃🥃

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Have you been taking part in #DryJanuary? 🍻🥂
Benefits of lowering your alcohol intake can include:

✅Sleeping better & having more energy
✅Saving money
✅Getting a sense of achievement

How have you been managing your drinking during lockdown?🤔


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Thanks to the team at @thismorning and the fabulous @mrvinosaurus for featuring our brilliant client @LyresSpiritCo in a #DryJanuary product showcase today. #StaySpirited 🥃🥃🥃

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Ben vader van 2 puberdochters, heb een dochter van 2 en n fantastische vriendin. Sport veel, ben gelukkig gezond en doe mee mee aan #dryjanuary. Jezus wat ben ik met al die beperkingen en vrouwen in huis toe aan bier en slap ouwehoeren in de kroeg #help Dit moest ik ff kwijt. Thx

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If you're doing Dry January, we're here to help! 15% discount for orders over £30 in January ⤵️

#FruitJuice #DryJanuary

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"Is excellent served with food or enjoyed on its own" - @RealGirlsWobble thoughts on the @TorresWines Natureo Rosé

Read the full review plus a great recipe here:

#DryJanuary #DryJan #DryJanuary2021 #BetterChoice #AlcoholFreeRose #LowCalories #NAWine

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Why try #DryJanuary ? Last year, 71% of people who participated got better quality sleep. Learn more here: @Selena61466341 @theEDGEcafe @CambsCops

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Are you cutting down your #drinking for #DryJanuary? Check your intake at: @drinkcoach
#recovery #drugs #drinking

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Joining in with #DryJanuary & going alcohol-free for the month can help:
* lower blood pressure
* reduce the risk of diabetes
* lower cholesterol &
* reduce levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.
For info follow @AlcoholChangeUK or visit:

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When you slip up during #DryJanuary, it’s tempting to give up all together. We get it – changing a habit is hard, especially now. But you can do this. Dust yourself off and jump back into it. Think of all the things you stand to gain. More on setbacks:

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Send your alcohol-related questions to the Soberistas doctor now for an answer early February on the Ask the Doctor page - (You'll stay anonymous). #healthylifestyle #HealthyNation #alcoholfree #DryJanuary #soberlife #alcoholissues

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Hard seltzer meets real brewed iced tea meets golden goodness. 🏆 No one is just one flavor. #TrulyIcedTea #LiveTruly

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